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The Benefits of Automated Deburring and Finishing

Automating your shop’s deburring and finishing processes can bring a range of benefits including:

  1. Increase Safety: Using a deburring machine will make the process safer from start to finish. For operators, automation eliminates the need for them to be in work zone and minimizes risks for repetitive motion injuries. Deburred parts are also safer to handle after they’re finished.
  2. Improve Consistency: Automating the process means that quality won’t vary between operators, and it will limit the amount of rework you need to do.
  3. Attain Higher Quality Finishes: Deburring pieces using a machine ultimately produces better parts.
  4. Offer New Products: If your shop still deburrs by hand, your capacity is determined by the geometry of individual parts. Automating deburring processes means you can produce and handle more and schedule based on what your machine is capable of accomplishing.

Handling Components

Handling components before and after processing can take many forms, from simple conveyors, through robots with bespoke tooling to secondary operations such as coating and stacking. We offer it all.

HANDLING: A subject in its own!

Profimach provides all manner of labour saving peripheral add-ons for:
– small pieces to whole sheets and plates
– de-stacking and loading systems
– coating systems
– stacking systems
– systems to return components to the operator
– conveyor belts
– roller tables
– washing, cleaning and drying
– inspection
we are only limited by your imagination.

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