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The alternative to abrading dry and collecting the dust it is to run the whole process wet. This has the added advantage of ensuring that heat sensitive products are kept cool. The fines produced by the abrading process are then carried away by a stream of coolant (usually water with a rust inhibitor) for processing. In its simplest form this can be done by just allowing the dirt in the water to settle but it is more usual to utilise a gravity filter where the dirty water filters through a fine paper mesh by gravity. The cleaned water falls through to a sump awaiting recirculation to the grinding area. When the filter paper starts to clog, the paper is indexed; dirty paper collecting in a bin for disposal and clean paper receiving the fines-laden water.

Profimach can advise and help at all stages, with selection, installation, maintenance and on-going certification.


Some materials are sensitive to heat so a wet working machine may have been specified. In such cases we offer filtration packages to separate the grit, grease, fines and sludge from the coolant; returning the coolant for re-use.