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P2ST2C Serie -

PRO Steel® Wipe Plus Series

Grinding belt and sand block Chain belts


Save up to 50% on your deburring time with a P2STC Series Machine with oxide removal Brush-belt Chain. In one pass you will process both sides of your parts oxide free.

With typical belt machines you must send your parts through twice to do the same work.

The P2TSC Series oxide removal machine is ideal for laser cut parts and plasma cut parts.

One of the inherent problems presented by laser cutting with oxygen has always been the brittle oxide layer on the surface of the edges. To combat this issue, fabricators have switched to Nitrogen assist gas cutting. But, unfortunately, the extra cost and slower cutting speeds cut into your profits. With the Profimach oxide removal machine you can eliminate nitrogen cutting of mild steel, switch back to oxygen cutting. You will reduce cost and increase cutting speeds. We have customers telling us they are justifying the machine on the reduced cost of nitrogen alone.

Cutting with Nitro versus Oxygen

Advantages of using a PSTC-Series Machine instead of cutting with nitrogen:

  • Oxygen is much less expensive than nitrogen
  • Savings of up to 30% or more using the PSC Series machine
  • Cutting speed of the laser can increase up to 25-30%, depending on the laser and the material thickness

So how does it work?

A total of 2/4 counteracting brushing chain belt units, moving in opposite directions, brush plates and sheets on all sides simultaneously, which saves time by avoiding flipping the sheets or having to process parts twice.

  • No more complaints and no more expensive rejections by your customers
  • Reliable oxide removal in one pass on all edges of sheet and plate up to 20 mm
  • No need to turn sheets over and run them through machine again
  • All sharp edges are rounded slightly for even better paint adhesion
  • Improved surface quality from removal of rust, scale and dirt
  • Any protective oil film remains after processing
  • Dry operation – all machines are dry in operation
  • Infinitely variable feed speed to match the need
  • Easy and safe operation with minimal maintenance
  • Compact and modular construction (less space needed)
  • Can be combined with other deburring units ((B-D-G-) for additional deburring and edge radiusing

Both sides - One work step

The innovation – In the dry processing method, the highly efficient double-sided processing of all cut contours (outside and inside contours) on sheets is done in only one work process. Double-sided synchronous processing offers highest productivity in the production process of our customers. The processing principle of Profimach PRO Steel® Dual Side systems guarantees across the entire working with optimal tool utilisation because the processing of the workpiece is always crossways to the feed direction. The PRO Steel® Dual Side Series system portfolio comprises three machine series. Depending on customer requirements, the different size of  serie is used. These series differ in the number of assemblies for workpiece processing.

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