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PSHTC- Wipe plus Series

Hammer unit to deslag - TRansversal belt to debur and deslag rest of slag - Chain belt to deburr and finish final surface

The machine is capable of efficient de-slagging and edge rounding of medium-thick metal parts after oxy-fuel, plasma, or high power laser cutting processes.  The advantages are significant that the machine has low cost on consumables, creates minimum noise and metal dust during the production. The operation is very straightforward and user friendly. With such 3 work station configuration, the machine can achieve the optimal performance on de-slagging. It is a perfect solution to release manual labor from tedious de-slagging work!


1.Dry operation 
2.Conveyor feed through type, high efficiency 
3.Multi work station combination, one pass process to take care both de-slagging and edge rounding 
4.Special hammer type de-slagging disk with minimum consumable wear and optimal de-slagging performance 
5.Standard magnetic conveyor bed (partial or full width), capable of processing most of small sized ferrous parts 
6.Straight forward and user-friendly operation 
7.Auxiliary LED lighting inside machine

Ideal parts:
1.Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and etc.
2.Thickness range: 1mm and up
3.Minimum part size (ferrous material): 30 x 30 mm

Optional configuration:
1.Dry filtration barrel type dust collector with spark arrestor
2.Double side top and bottom de-slagging processing

Technical Datasheet    
Max.Working width mm 1000
Min.working length(magnetic conductive material) mm 40
power kw 13.5
Machine size mm 2300x2350x1950
Working thickness range mm 1-80
Conveyor feeding rate m/min 0.5-5
Weight kg 4500

Modular changeable Chainbelt.

Easy changeover from one job to the other job.

Every link independat changeable with few turns. Exchange only used up links.

Combine 2 technologies in one chainbelt!!

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