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Double modular chain belt with easy change of function: deslag, deburr, corner radius, finish


In the plasma and flame cutting, the edge of the workpiece will produce slag and flash, and the PSCC-Series can quickly clean with very abrasive material and hammer function of the Chainbelt. This equipment can maintain the original dimensional accuracy unaffected and achieve a high quality uniform micro chamfering effect.

Ideal parts:   

Most of metal material type  

Thcikness: 2mm

Minimum part size: 30 x 30 mm (steel)

 Machine characteristic overview:   

  • Conveyor feed through type, high efficiency, one pass for both deburring and edge rounding

  • Alloy steel column grinding station + brush box station

  • Two work stations can operate individually or together to meet remove slag requirement

  • Standard magnetic conveyor table

  • Straight forward and user-friendly operation

  • Auxiliary LED lighting inside machine

  • Small machine footprint 

Modular changeable Chainbelt.

Easy changeover from one job to the other job.

Every link independat changeable with few turns. Exchange only used up links.

Combine 2 technologies in one chainbelt!!