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Deburring refers to the process of smoothing the rough edges of a metal object or component. To some, a part is considered deburred when its vertical burr is removed. To others, a part isn’t fully deburred until it has a radius on each edge. The burr can vary when punching, stamping, fine blanking or laser cutting your materials. Burrs created via laser cutting, fine blanking, stamping or punching adhere to the material in various strengths. Therefore finding a comprehensive deburring solution is crucial.

De-slagging - Heavy slag removal - Deslagging

In the plasma and flame cutting, the edge of the workpiece will produce slag and flash, and this can be quickly cleaned with very abrasive material or with even heavy slag removal hammers.  This equipment can maintain the original dimensional accuracy unaffected and achieve a high quality uniform micro chamfering effect.

Edge rounding

A radius is created on the edge of the metal during edge rounding of metal products.  This ensures that the sharpness of the edge is removed and it is given a uniform rounding. A good edge rounding result is characterized by removing the sharpness on the edges of your laser-cut or punched materials. This prevents injuries that may be caused by handling the material, while simultaneously improving downstream processing. Furthermore, a radius at the edge of the materials also improves paint adhesion. We offer perfection in edge rounding with a radius of up to 2 mm in a single pass. 

Rounding Edges

Deburring is very often an indispensable operation, but the customer-specified rounding-off radius is subject to variation. Electronic workpieces need a rather large radius because of the risk of damaging wires at sharp edges. Rounded-off workpieces are also preferred in the food industry and for parts that have to be powder-coated. Products for the aircraft industry need some rounding-off as well, because sharp edges may damage the rubber cushions applied in large presses for aluminium sheet parts. On the other hand, high-precision parts must often have well-defined sharp edges. Needless to say, the deburring process for precision sheet parts should reduce the product thickness as little as possible. These varying customer wishes require a thorough knowledge of deburring processes.


Finishing - Surface finishing

Punched, fine blanking, stamped and laser-cut parts often require high demands on the surface. A beautiful surface is a pleasant side effect of the deburring process. In some cases, a specific type of surface finish could be necessary.

Calibration | Precision Grinding

Grinding with the express goal of removing material and decreasing material variation. This process removes the exterior oxide layer/skin and grinds the material much like a surface grinder – only using a wide belt abrasive.

Laser Oxide removal

If you are cutting via a CO2-laser or Fiber Laser with oxygen, we have the solution that removes any oxide layers along the cutting edge of the material. Profimach offers a wide range of deburring machines that also can remove your laser oxide. Our OEm factory developed a new brush to remove the laser oxide skin from laser-cut steel. This brush is to be used in the models with standard Rotary brush machines combining the excellent edge rounding and deburring results of the machine with the required oxide skin removal both from the interior as well as exterior contours ot the product.



Thin sheet machining

According to today's standards, parts cut from thin sheets are not complete after just the cutting process. Increasingly parts are required to be free of burrs to prevent injuries, be provided with high-quality coating and have a perfect surface. We solves this challenge with a series of different grinding technologies which can easily be combined with each other.

Heavy Plate

Parts cut from heavy plates make special demands of grinding-deburring technology. Often the thickness of these plates deviates significantly and due to the heat applied during the cutting process they are distorted in addition. On top of all that, during plasma, oxy or heavy laser cutting, troublesome scales may form on the cutting surface. In these cases PRO Steel Series' is the ideal and perfect grinding solution. The planetary head and the multi-rotation brush system and unique hammering system are then used for subsequent deslagging, edge breaking and radius-like rounding.

Coated sheet

Perfectly processed, flawless coated sheets are the main prerequisite for high efficiency. With the PRO Steel PSGDD, a special deburring machine for coated sheets, Profimach has mastered the challenge of deburring sheets that are already coated. The distinctive feature of this machine: A dressing unit especially designed for this purpose prepares the grinding belt for the application. Handling the unit is as simple as can be; the belt need only be inserted in the machine, the automatic mode takes care of the rest. The result is perfect deburring without damage to the surface.

Fine-blanking parts Machining

Fine-blanking parts, particularly for the automotive industry, require absolutely flawless development and machining. Even slight soiling is enough to turn high-quality parts into rejects. To prevent this, perfect deburring and grinding is a crucial prerequisite. The PRO Steel  xxx-Series is a wet deburring machine especially for fine-blanking parts requiring strong, even edge rounding at a high throughput speed. Profimach grinding technology combined with Profimach cleaning and dedusting machines achieve impressive results through perfect deburring, rounding and surface grinding, especially for parts with a heavy oil film.

Coil and sheet steel machining

A perfect surface finish can give metal its very own special lustre and warmth. However, the creation of brushing and grinding patterns on high-quality metal sheets is a science in itself. With its PRO Steel range, Profimach has developed a machine that creates perfect grinding patterns that leave nothing to be desired. If necessary, the machine even works fully automatically.

The patented Profimach technology in particular creates perfectly ground metal surfaces free of chatter marks. This lets you create diverse grinding patterns with an easily adjustable line length. Whether short line, long line or duplo finish – the number of variations is virtually unlimited.

Raised parts deburring - 3D parts deburring