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PRO Steel ® Flexy Series

Machine based on D-type unit - D-type = Vertical Brushes

Abrasive Disk brushes and Disk hammers

High efficiency and cost effective deburring, deslagging

PSR3D Serie: PRO Steel®

High efficient high profile parts deburring: gears, flanges, etc

PRO Steel® PSD - Flexy Series

High efficiency and cost effective deburring, edge rounding

3Rows of Disk Brushes

PRO Steel® Flexy PLUS PSDG - Flexy PLUS Series

High efficiency and cost effective deburring, edge rounding, and surface finishing machine

Wide abrasive belt + abrasive oscilating disk brushes or Belt Brushes


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Pro Steel® AD Series

Focussed on automatic deburring, deflashing, corner rounding, oxide removal

Pro Steel® ADSeries                
PRO Steel® AD Series Small Bur removal Bur removal Slag removal Edge Rounding Laser Oxide removal Rust Removal Surface finish Calibrating
PSD Flexy Series ++              
PSD Flexy Plus Series ++              
PSDGB-Deslag Series + +++ ++++ + - - - -
PSDDB-Deslag Heavy Duty Series + ++ ++++ + - - - -

PRO Steel Series : Code key = P-x-S-y-z-000-w

How to read the machine types?

Code P-x-S-y-z-000-w component unit
x   Digit between P-S
  2 Two sides simultaneously up and down deburring
y   First digit after PS (Profimach Sander)
  - Automatic operation
  M Manual operation
z   codes placed in sequence of machining
  2-3-4-5-6 Number BEFORE letter is the quantity of the letter following
  B Brush full width
  C Chain Belt transversal
  D Disk brush vertical
  H Disk Brush vertical with hammer function
  G Gyro or planetary barrel brush or fladder type
  R Roller- Contact roller with full width abrasive belt
  T Transversal Small Belt
OOO   Width of working surface in mm
w   at the end after width value
  W Wet working
  II Second Generation
  III Third Generation
  - Dry working
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