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H-unit: Hammer Unit - Steel ball end face brushing station

H-unit with Hammer function for deslagging heavy burrs

Disk hammer unit - Hammerhead disk unit

H-Type vertical rotating disk with Hammers

 The H-unit can be used to remove the most heavy dross and burrs without any difficulty.  The H-type disk Hammer unit consists of multiple disk with hammering  replaceable flexible pins to remove the heavy slag on plasma cut steel parts. The pins hammer the slag of the parts by an oscillation-rotating opposite movement to guarantee a high quality removal. Their arrangement allows even processing of all areas and in different directions.

The frequency controlled drive system permits an infinitely variable regulation of the disk hammers rotation speed and their orbital velocity transversally to the feed direction. The hammer disks can be replaced by standard vertical disk brushed of the D-unit

The Hammerhead disks aggregate is an fast and effective solution for the removing of heavy slag.