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Stainless steel hardware deburring

Precision stainless steel hardware parts often produce various forms of sharp burrs after cutting and stamping. They adversely affect the subsequent processing, quality, inspection, assembly, and product performance, life and appearance of the workpiece. In order to solve this problem, the magnetic polishing machine processing technology is an effective method for removing burrs and surface smoothing of parts. The magnetic field distribution is used to conduct fine grinding of stainless steel needles, resulting in high-speed flow, turning heads, etc., and rubbing in the inner hole and surface of the workpiece to achieve precise grinding effects such as polishing, cleaning, and removing burrs.


1. Finished parts of light iron metal, non-ferrous metal, hard plastic, etc., complete the precision grinding work such as burrs, chamfering, polishing, washing, etc.

2. Irregular parts, holes, tubes, dead ends, cracks, etc. can be ground

3. Fast processing speed, simple and safe operation, low cost

4. The finished product is not deformed after processing, and does not affect the accuracy.


1. Remove the rough grinding

2. Removal of oxide film work

3. Polished surface finish

4. Corrosion removal treatment

5. Sintering black trace treatment

6. Polishing and polishing work

The corners of the blunt edge are the common sense and routine in machining. A part, no matter what method (including car, planing, milling, etc.) is processed, all the sharp edges must be processed after completion, which is often referred to as "dark", and of course includes right-angled edges. As for the specific treatment methods, generally, a sickle, a chamfering knife, an abrasive cloth grinding wheel, etc. can be used. Because of the corners and easy to produce burrs, it will cause trouble for handling and assembly. When it is not in the mechanical and hydraulic transmission, the burr will not fall off, it will increase the mechanical wear and blockage of the hydraulic system, and the burr will also scratch the seal and make the system leak oil. Due to the demand for production, the manufactured parts are also mass-produced. It is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive to manually remove the deburring tools, but also the consistency of the products that are difficult for skilled workers. . The cost of human resources has increased and the quality has been greatly reduced.

The mechanical sheet metal deburring machine is the ideal solution for this problem. The high-speed rotation of several passivation (special brush) is installed under each main unit, and the abrasive slides over the edge of the product and all corners pass the universal high-speed friction burr. At the same time, the replacement is performed to make the chamfering and deburring uniform, and the processing is automatically completed while conveying the product through the straight line or the disc.

Applicable industry products:

1. Stamping sheet metal

2. Laser cutting processing

3. Copper and aluminum, sawing and processing

4.CNC machining

5. CNC punching machine, grinding machine