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PRO Steel® PSR Surface Series - DRY

PRO Steel® PSR Surface Series - DRY

PSR-Series: Based on contact roller with wide Abrasive belt

Profimach PSR- Series is an entry level wide abrasive belt sanding machine. It has been serving in the industry since our first establishment. As of now, there are over 2500 customers benefiting from PSR’s robust and efficient machine performance. It is capable of general surface sanding including removing deep scratches, surface finishing, oxide layer removal, and more.

 Machine characteristic overview:   

  • Dry operation, therefore low production and maintenance cost. The machine usually has a long life which means the return on investment is high

  • Conveyor feed through type, high efficiency

  • Robust Jonsen patented belt automatic tracking mechanism

  • Four pillar lifting of conveyor bed

  • High temperature resistant conveyor belt

  • Internal mounted motor inside of machine frame

  • Straight forward and user-friendly operation

  • Auxiliary LED lighting inside machine

  • Dust collection hood is installed inside the machine

PSR-Series wide belt dimension Belt speed min parts lenght Max width parts Thickness      
PSR-350 350x1900 2-11m/min 300 mm 320 mm 0,5-80mm      
PSR-630 630x1900 2-11 m/min 270 mm 600 mm 0,5-70mm      
PSR-1030 1030x1900 2-11 m/min 270 mm 1000 mm 1-80mm